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The Rosemont Method™ was created for children who would benefit from a small classroom environment and who may or may not require subject specific remediation.  Candidates for Rosemont Academy do not have behavioral or emotional issues. Rosemont Academy's Admissions Department carefully evaluates each admissions candidate in an effort to determine which student will benefit from the method and which student will be better served at another academic institution.   Rosemont will never discriminate on the basis of race, religion, or national origin.
Each admissions candidate is required to schedule a minimum of two visits for observation.  The candidate will participate in a Rosemont classroom's daily activities while being evaluated both for behavioral and academic compatibility to our program.  The two day classroom evaluation precedes all other steps and determinations in the admissions process. If, based on the academic evaluation, classroom teacher's recommendation, and the Director's discretion, it is determined that the child is a candidate for our program, the Director will determine the candidate's classroom placement and the applicant's family will be notified as to whether their child has been: accepted to Rosemont Academy or placed on our Waitlist.  If it is determined that the child is not a candidate for Rosemont's academic program, the family will be referred to a more appropriate academic institution.   

Tuition and Fees 


Annual Tuition 

K - 5th 

6th - 8th



Deposit (applied towards tuition)


Textbooks, Supplies, and Activities Fee


One Time Technology Fee (4th- 8th)


Annual Technology Subscriptions        (5th - 8th)




Adjusted tuition rates for siblings accepted to Rosemont Academy.
Adjusted tuition rates for qualifying students without an IEP entering grades 5th - 8th who have been accepted to Rosemont Academy.  

The Deposit is non-refundable and is due upon completion of your enrollment contract.  This alone guarantees your child’s place for the upcoming school year.  

Payment plans are available for you.

 McKay Scholarship Accepted

McKay Deadlines  2017 - 2018

Always confirm McKay information at

Please note that the deadlines for filing a parental intent and private school enrollment are statutory deadlines; exceptions cannot be made if these deadlines are missed. Failure to complete attendance verification will result in a postponement of scholarship payments until the next scheduled payment period. 

If you filed intent by:

July 3
Sept 2
Dec 3
Jan 31
Your child must be enrolled by:

Aug 2
Oct 2
Jan 2
Mar 2
For the school to receive payment on:

Sept 1
Nov 1
Feb 1
Apr 1
Maximum scholarship amount for the rest of the school year:

Payment Period:

July 1-Sept 30
Oct 1-Dec 31
Jan 1-Feb 28
Mar 1-June 30

  • The scholarship tuition amount is divided into four quarterly payments for the school year.
  • If the intent is filed or the student is enrolled after a deadline, the student will not be eligible to receive that quarter’s scholarship payments, but will have met the deadline to receive payment the next quarter.
  • Filing Intent and receiving a Confirmation Number from the DOE website does NOT indicate approval of a McKay Scholarship.

*8th grade coming in 2017

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