Rosemont A-Z

Alternative Assessments
Most children do not fare well with traditional "paper and pencil" tests.  At Rosemont, students will be allowed to show their mastery and proficiency in multiple ways.

Bully Free Zone
Rosemont Academy will nurture your child's unique gifts in a supportive and positive environment where each of our students respect themselves, each other, and their amazing school.  

The most innovative and comprehensive curriculum around---The Rosemont Method™ powered by STEAM.

Different Learning Styles
Different learning styles are not only addressed, they are celebrated.  We think cookie cutters belong at home in the kitchen.

Our energetic and enthusiastic teachers keep each student engaged in the learning process.

You are now part of the family.  Stay in the morning and have coffee with us.

Gifted Strategies
Strategies for gifted education incorporated into every aspect of our curriculum.

High Interest
High interest lessons taught to each student's unique learning style.

Introduction to Computer Coding
In 3rd grade, each Falcon receives their classroom laptop and begins our introductory coding programs.

Jillian Mehler and Whole Steps Music
Jillian and her amazing team provide weekly music therapy for our K-2nd graders, music theory for our older Falcons, and private music lessons during aftercare.  

Kept in the Loop
Teachers are available from 3:40 to 4:00 every day to give you a quick update on the day's events.

Language Circle
Our K-3rd grade Language Circle and Social Skills groups were designed by the one and only Wendy Nottoli, M.A., CCC, BCaBA, owner of the renowned Kendall Speech and Language Center.   Wendy's therapists also offer on site, one-on-one speech therapy for our Falcons during aftercare.

McKay Scholarship
McKay Scholarship accepted for students who qualify.

No Fundraising
No chocolate bars. No wrapping paper.  No galas.  Paying your tuition is your fundraising effort for the year.

Open Door Policy

Program Integrity
Rosemont Academy was created for children who benefit from smaller class size and who may require subject specific remediation.  Our Falcons possess no emotional or behavioral problems. 

Quality Curriculum Materials
From Science Fusion to Wordly Wise to Singapore Math, each textbook and workbook used in our classrooms has been painstakingly researched and selected because it supports its own aspect of the Rosemont Method™ in a way that no other book can.

4:1 student-teacher ratio in our K-2nd classrooms.  5:1 student-teacher ratio in our 3rd-4th classrooms.  8:1 student-teacher ratio in our middle school classrooms.  

Sensory Integration
Our K-3rd grade small group Occupational Therapy program was created by Nicole Hanna OTR/L, C-SIPT, an Occupational Therapist who is a Sensory Integration Specialist. 

We hire only the most energetic and talented certified teachers in South Florida.

Understanding various learning styles (visual, auditory, kinesthetic/tactile), multiple intelligences (existential, inter/intrapersonal, bodily kinesthetic, visual-spatial, musical/naturalist, logical-mathematical, verbal linguistic), and the three types of learning (cognitive, affective, psychomotor) and making sure they are worked into each and every daily lesson.

Visual Tracking
Research proves that improving visual tracking can help ameliorate issues ranging from ADHD to dyslexia to sensory integration.  The Rosemont Method™ incorporates visual tracking games and exercises, referred to as Brain Boosters, into our daily lessons and activities .  

Whole Brain Teaching
We have adapted one of the most innovative teaching methods, Whole Brain Teaching, and incorporated it into our own Rosemont Method™ to create a unique classroom experience based on social interaction, problem solving, and advanced learning .

eXtensive Background Checks
Exhaustive and extensive background checks for Rosemont's teaching staff.

Yearly Performances
Yearly stage shows performed by the students.

Zero Tolerance
Zero tolerance for any staff member or parent who isn't ready to dream big.  Really, really big.

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